June 11, 2019


 Assalam O Alaikum,

Free Ziyaraat Plan (FZP) –   

Alhumdolillah, FZP completed first year successfully. During the year, two separate Draws for Ziyaraat were held. In the first Draw, 84 individuals participated, whereas, in the second Draw 98 individuals participated. In both Draws, a total of seven persons were randomly selected by Molana  as Winners and Alternate Winners. Three winners who have accepted their respective awards are: Br. Afzal Mukhi, Farzad Moosvi,and Syed Ali Shirazee. Br. Afsar Peerbhoy (CA) has declined acceptance. Three alternate winners are placed in the Waiting List.

Donations Collected:  During 2018, Shia Youth collected donations of $15,514  forEisal e Sawab of Marhumeen, and $1,675  from Entry purchases.  Shia Youth thanks and expresses its gratitude to ten donors who graciously and generously donated more than $1000 each for Eisal e Sawab of their respective Marhumeen. The donors are:  Jawad Mir,  Dr. Javed Hussain (FL), Feroz Merchant (CA), Sajjad Premjee (CA), Raza Mir, Turab Sabir (TX), Dr. Hasan Kassamali, Hyder Lakhani, Amjad Sabir, and Ramzan Sabir.

 FZP To Maintain 3 Awards Per Draw:

Shia Youth plans to adopt a policy of awarding free Ziyaraat packages to 9 individuals per year during 2019 insha’Allah. For each Draw, Shia Youth is required to set aside a minimum of $4000 to provide award tickets to the future Winners. Presently, it got enough funds to cover the financial needs for 2019, and also got about 67% funds for 2020. Shia Youth Inc. is therefore facing an urgent need  of $13,620 to cover all Draws up to end of 2021.  Considering the divine connections and expected spiritual benefits resulting from the Ziyaraat of the Holy Shrines, the FZP project, Masha’Allah, will soon be a big blessing for our younger generation, insha’Allah.

 Request For Support:     Shia Youth Inc.welcomes new participants, and donors who would like to support the FZP by giving charitable donations, or donations for Eisal e Sawab of Merhumeen. The donations are tax exempt per IRS Section 501 (C) (3). Please visit www.Shia-youth .org or mail your checks to: Shia Youth Inc., 15216 Rockport Drive,  Silver Spring, MD 20905.

 Note: The Draw #1 participants are requested to please renew their Entries for Draws #3 and #4 by paying $25 per Entry. Any question, please email: [email protected] 

Thank you.


Team – Shia Youth Inc.

For further information you can log into : www.Shia-Youth.org