Results of Draw #3

Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim



SATURDAY AUG. 17, 2019

By: Molana Sheikh A. Jalil

Advisor, Shia Youth Inc.

Participants: 64 Entries

Draw #4  To be held in November insha’Allah.

Results: Winner  Entry#124 – Br. Shawn Kirmani

Alt Winner#1 Entry #60 – Br. Shahid Rizvi

Alt Winner #2 Entry #49 – Br. Asad Hussain (NY)



List of  (64) Participants  For Draw #3

1x Molana Dr. Sakhawat Husain 105 Mehboob Husain List of


2 Hasan Zaidi 106 Sr. Shaheen Faraz Entry #3
3 Mohammed Sabir (MD) Student 107 Munaawarali Rajan Entry #20
10 Kassamali Lakhani 108 Sr. Shehnaz Rajan Entry #48
11 Altaf Lakhani 109 Sr. Taliba Entry #111
12 Hyderali Lakhani 110 Qamar Hasan Entry #119
13 Ali Akbar Khoyee (MI) 111 Sr. Nasiha Manekia (CA) Student Entry #19
16 Turab Sabir (TX) 112 Mehboob Husain
17 Sr. Atiqua Sabir (TX) 113 Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Student
18 Irfan Sabir (TX) 114 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
19 Minhas Sabir (TX) Student 115 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
20 Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) Student 116 Sr. Safia Rizvi
24 Faizan Naqvi 117 Syed Anwar Rizvi
25 Sr. Rukhsana Sabir (TX) 118 Syed Anwar Rizvi
28 Sr. Zainab Khoyee (MI) 119 Nasib Manekia (CA) Student
34 Raza Peerbhoy (CA) 121 Asghar Kirmani
35 Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy (CA) 122 Sr. Nancy Kirmani
47 Sr. Syeda Raza (PA) 123 Jon Kirmani
48 Kumail Raza (PA) Student 124 Shawn Kirmani
49 Asad Hussain (NY) 125 Sr. Syeda Sydrah Naqvi
50 Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) 126 Syed Haider (FL)
58 Ali Rizvi Sachey 127 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
60 Shahid Rizvi 128 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
61 Sr. Gazala Rizvi 129 Ashfaq Talajawala
62 Shahid Rizvi 130 Mir Basharath Razvi
65 Gazala Rizvi 131 Mir Basharath Razvi
68x Winner Draw#2 Not Eligible 132 Sr. Zahra Razvi
71 Dr. Akhtar Naqvi 133 Sr. Zahra Razvi
72 Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi 134 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
80 Sr. Sheba Mukhi 135 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
100 Molana Sheikh Jalil 137 Sr. Aiman Zehra
101x Winner Draw#2 Not Eligible 138 Khalid Rizvi
102 Sr. Masumah Shirazee 139 Khalid Rizvi
103 Sr.Sakina Naqvi 140x Jaleel Hasan (Pending)
104 Ashfaq Talajawala
Student- Any student who is enrolled in college or University as of 1.1.2019
If a Winner declines acceptance, offers are passed on to students.

Since one of the winners of Draw#2 did not accept the award, the offer will now be passed on to the Students as per the List given above. Selection of Student winner will be made on Sept 1, 2019.

List Of Participants Draw#3 (Tentative)

List of Participants Draw#3 8.12.19 (Tentative)

                       List of Participants For Draw #3 List of Students
1 Molana Dr. Sakhawat Husain 80 Sr. Sheba Mukhi Entry #3
2 Hasan Zaidi 101 Winner Draw#2 Not Eligible Entry#20
3 Mohammed Sabir (MD) Student 102 Sr. Masumah Shirazee Entry# 48
10 Kassamali Lakhani 103 Sr.Sakina Naqvi Entry#111
11 Altaf Lakhani 105 Mehboob Husain Entry#113
12 Hyderali Lakhani 110 Qamar Hasan Entry #119
13 Ali Akbar Khoyee (MI) 111 Sr. Nasiha Manekia (CA) Student Entry #19
16 Turab Sabir (TX) 112 Mehboob Husain
17 Sr. Atiqua Sabir (TX) 114 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
18 Irfan Sabir (TX) 115 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
19 Minhas Sabir (TX) Student 116 Sr. Safia Rizvi
20 Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) Student 121 Asghar Kirmani
24 Faizan Naqvi 122 Sr. Nancy Kirmani
25 Sr. Rukhsana Sabir (TX) 123 Jon Kirmani
28 Sr. Zainab Khoyee (MI) 124 Shawn Kirmani
34 Raza Peerbhoy (CA) 100 Molana Sheikh Jalil
35 Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy (CA) 113 Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Student
47 Sr. Syeda Raza (PA) 117 Syed Anwar Rizvi
48 Kumail Raza (PA) Student 118 Syed Anwar Rizvi
49 Asad Hussain (NY) 127 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
50 Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) 128 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
58 Ali Rizvi Sachey 134 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
60 Shahid Rizvi 135 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
61 Sr. Gazala Rizvi 138 Khalid Rizvi
62 Shahid Rizvi 139 Khalid Rizvi
65 Gazala Rizvi 137 Sr. Aiman Zehra
68 Winner Draw#2 140 Jaleel Hasan (Pending)
71 Dr. Akhtar Naqvi 109 Sr. Taliba
72 Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi 132 sr. Zahra Razvi
104 Ashfaq Talajawala 108 Sr. Shehnaz Rajan
106 Sr. Shaheen Faraz 131 Mir Basharath Razvi
119 Nasib Manekia (CA) Student 129 Ashfaq Talajawala
125 Sr. Syeda Sydrah Naqvi 130 Mir Basharath Razvi
126 Syed Haider (FL) 133 Sr. Zahra Razvi
107 Munawarali Rajan
Student – One who is enrolled as a Student in any College as of 1.1.2019. If any winner declines acceptance, the offers will be passed on to Students randomly.

Free Ziyaraat Plan- Draw#3 Scheduled on Saturday August 17, 2019


Shia Youth Inc. makes the following Announcement:

Free Ziyaraat Plan – Draw #3 is scheduled on Saturday August 17, 2019. Random selections will be made by Molana to pick one Winner and two Alternate Winners. The Winner shall receive free Ziyaraat package including r.t. travel from JFK. The Alternate Winners shall each  receive Land Package only.

Last Date to purchase Entries for Draw #3 shall be Thursday, August 15, 2019.

Important Notice:

Those Entries purchased for Draw#1 have since expired. In order to make them eligible for Draw#3 and Draw#4, please renew them immediately by paying $25 per Entry. Last date for renewals will also be August 15, 2019. Payment can be made via Paypal, or Bank deposit or Bank Transfers (See Terms and Conditions). Thank you.

Free Ziyaraat Plan (FZP) – Update

June 11, 2019


 Assalam O Alaikum,

Free Ziyaraat Plan (FZP) –   

Alhumdolillah, FZP completed first year successfully. During the year, two separate Draws for Ziyaraat were held. In the first Draw, 84 individuals participated, whereas, in the second Draw 98 individuals participated. In both Draws, a total of seven persons were randomly selected by Molana  as Winners and Alternate Winners. Three winners who have accepted their respective awards are: Br. Afzal Mukhi, Farzad Moosvi,and Syed Ali Shirazee. Br. Afsar Peerbhoy (CA) has declined acceptance. Three alternate winners are placed in the Waiting List.

Donations Collected:  During 2018, Shia Youth collected donations of $15,514  forEisal e Sawab of Marhumeen, and $1,675  from Entry purchases.  Shia Youth thanks and expresses its gratitude to ten donors who graciously and generously donated more than $1000 each for Eisal e Sawab of their respective Marhumeen. The donors are:  Jawad Mir,  Dr. Javed Hussain (FL), Feroz Merchant (CA), Sajjad Premjee (CA), Raza Mir, Turab Sabir (TX), Dr. Hasan Kassamali, Hyder Lakhani, Amjad Sabir, and Ramzan Sabir.

 FZP To Maintain 3 Awards Per Draw:

Shia Youth plans to adopt a policy of awarding free Ziyaraat packages to 9 individuals per year during 2019 insha’Allah. For each Draw, Shia Youth is required to set aside a minimum of $4000 to provide award tickets to the future Winners. Presently, it got enough funds to cover the financial needs for 2019, and also got about 67% funds for 2020. Shia Youth Inc. is therefore facing an urgent need  of $13,620 to cover all Draws up to end of 2021.  Considering the divine connections and expected spiritual benefits resulting from the Ziyaraat of the Holy Shrines, the FZP project, Masha’Allah, will soon be a big blessing for our younger generation, insha’Allah.

 Request For Support:     Shia Youth Inc.welcomes new participants, and donors who would like to support the FZP by giving charitable donations, or donations for Eisal e Sawab of Merhumeen. The donations are tax exempt per IRS Section 501 (C) (3). Please visit www.Shia-youth .org or mail your checks to: Shia Youth Inc., 15216 Rockport Drive,  Silver Spring, MD 20905.

 Note: The Draw #1 participants are requested to please renew their Entries for Draws #3 and #4 by paying $25 per Entry. Any question, please email: 

Thank you.


Team – Shia Youth Inc.

For further information you can log into :


Noha …Rozedaron Qayamat Ke Din Hain

Ibne Muljim Ne Haider Ko Mara Rozedaron Qayamat Ke Din Hain


UMAA Conference 2019 will be held in Washington D.C. July 5, 2019 – July 7, 2019.

For More info Visit

Announcement #1905 – New Matrimony Page Available Soon


Shia Youth Inc. Team Staff are in the process of designing a secured and privacy insured New Matrimony Page which will allow Shia sisters to add profile /biodata for viewing only by registered members. Details will be provided in Matrimonial Category soon insha’Allah.

FZP – Breaking News

Free Ziyaraat Plan – Breaking News

Two of the Draw#2 Award winners have accepted their respective awrds. The third person is intending to decline. If the third person decided to decline then offers will be passed on to the Alternate Award Winners of Draw#1 as per the AW Waiting List. The declining person of Draw#2 will be added at the bottom of the List with lowest priority.

List of Participants, and Results of Draw#2


Assalam O Alaikum,

Shia Youth held the Free Ziyaraat Plan (FZP)’s Draw #2 on April 20, 2019. Molana Sheikh Abdul Jalil randomly picked one Winner and two Alternate Winners. The results of the Draw are:

    1. Winner No 1 : Br. Farzad Moosvi, Maryland (Entry #068)
    2. Alternate Winner : Br. Afsar Peerbhoy, California (Entry #033)
    3. Alternate Winner Br. Syed Ali Shirazee, Maryland (Entry #101)

The individuals who participated in the Draw#2 are listed below:

Entry Slot Name
1 Molana Dr. Sakhawat Husain, New York
2 Hassan Zaidi, Maryland
3 Mohammed Sabir, Maryland
4 Hassan Zaidi, Maryland
5 Sr. Abida Haji, Houston
6 Hassan Zaidi, Maryland
7 Hassan Zaidi, Maryland
8 Banda e Khuda, Houston Donor
9 Mohammed Sabir, Maryland
10 Kassamali Lakhani, Maryland
11 Altaf Lakhani, Maryland
12 Hyderali Lakhani, Maryland
13 Ali Akbar Khoyee, Michigan
14 Mohammad Husain Rehmatulla, Houston
16 Turabali Sabir, Houston
17 Atiqua Sabir, Houston
18 Irfan Sabir, Houston
19 Minhas Sabir, Houston
20 Manihas Sabir, Houston
22 Syed Hedayat Husain Rizvi, Maryland
23 Sr. Uzra Khoyee, Michigan
24 Faizan Naqvi, Maryland
25 Rukhsana Sabir, Houston
26 Abbas Lakhani, Maryland
27 Sr. Mumtaz Lakhani, Maryland
28 Sr. Zainab Khoyee, Michigan
29 Sr. Uzra Khoyee, Michigan
30 Salman Jinnah, Maryland
31 Sr. Sayyada Jinnah, Maryland
32 Mehmuna Afsar, California
33 Afsar Peerbhoy, California
34 Raza Peerbhoy, California
35 Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy, California
36 Abid Khoyee, Michigan
37 Feroz Merchant, CA
38 Feroz Merchant, CA
39 Akbar Khoyee, Michigan
40 Mohammed Sabir, Maryland
41 Sr. Fatema Rashid
42 Molana Rafiq Naqvi, Maryland
43 Sr. Anjum Naqvi, Maryland
44 Sr. Zainab Khoyee, Michigan
45 Sr. Sukaina Premjee, California
46 Sajjad Premjee, California
47 Sr. Sayeda Raza, Pennsyvania
48 Kumail Raza, Pennsylvania
49 Asad Hussain, New York
50 Asad Hussain, New York
51 Asad Hussain, New York
52 Asad Hussain, New York
53 Banda e Khuda, Houston Donor
54 Ali Akbar Khoyee, Michigan
55 Banda e Khuda, Houston Donor
56 Raza Mir, Maryland
57 Raza Mir, Maryland
58 Br. Ali Rizvi Sachey, Maryland
60 Shahid Rizvi, Maryland
61 Sr. Ghazala Rizvi, Maryland
62 Shahid Rizvi, Maryland
63 Banda e Khuda Maryland Donnor #3
64 Banda e Khuda, Houston Donor
66 Jawad A Mir, Maryland
67 Bunda e Khuda, Maryland Donor
68 Br. Farzad Moosvi, Maryland
69 Banda E Khuda, Houston Donor
70 Erum Mirza, Washington DC
71 Dr.Akhtar Naqvi
72 Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi, Maryyland
73 Banda e Khuda, Maryland Donor#2
74 Banda e Khuda, Maryland Donor#2
75 Kaiser Saifuddin
76 Hejab Imteyaz, Washington DC
77 Sahab Mehdi, Washington DC
78 Najeeb Syed, Washington DC
79 (Draw#1 Winner’s Entry Deleted)
80 Sr. Sheba Mukhi, Maryland
81 Ali Akbar Khoyee, Michigan
82 Habib Syed, Washington DC
83 Dr. Hasan Kassamali, Maryland
84 Sr. Shamim Kassamali, Maryland
85 Shabib Syed, Washington DC
86 Banda e Khuda, Florida Donor
87 Bunda e Khuda, Florida Donor
96 Mohammed Sabir, Maryland
101 Syed Ali Shirazee, Maryland
102 Sr. Masumeh Shirazee
103 Sr. Sakina Naqvi
105 Mehboob Husain, Maryland
110 Qamar Hasan, Maryland
111 Sr. Nasiha Manekia, California
112 Mehboob Husain, Maryland
114 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi, Maryland
115 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi, Maryland
116 Sr. Syed Safia Rizvi, Maryland
121 Asghar Kirmani, Maryland
122 Sr. Nancy Kirmani, Maryland
123 Jon Kirmani, Maryland
124 Shawn Kirmani, Maryland
100 Molana Sheikh Abdul Jalil, Maryland


Despite numerous obstacles,, with the blessings of Ahlul Bait(as), is gaining popularity and momentum.

The FZP Project, Alhumdolillah, is also moving forward successfully. In the last 10 months, the Project has grown from offering one award for Draw #1 to now offering three awards for Draw #2, (our goal is to offer 25 awards per year insha’Allah).

In the short period of 10 months, Shia Youth Inc. has been extremely lucky to be receiving support of almost 100 participants and donors who all appear fully devoted to assist them in this noble cause. The Draw#1 participants whose Entries have expired on April 21, 2019 are requested to renew their entries for Draw #3/#4 by paying a nominal donation of $25 per entry.. Your support is very important to us, and immensely needed to move FZP towards its goal.

Please do not leave the Project. We humbly request you to stay course and continue to provide your valuable support to the Project. JazakAllah. Ba Sadka e 14 Masumeen, May Allah bless all of the participants and donors and reward them for their support, and grant their Marhumeen magfirath and highest status in the Jannah. Ameen.

To Contact: email –
Thank you.
Team – Shia Youth
Ramzan Sabir
SYSS inc

Volunteer Services Needed For Web Maintenance and Management

Volunteer Services

Shia Youth Inc. is in need of  volunteer services from any individual residing in USA, possessing experience and knowledge of web design, and interested to assist us in his/her spare time in the maintenance and management of website and coordination with the current web designer company. Four to ten hours may be required per week. The interested persons are requested  to please contact Shia Youth Management by email addressed to, JazakAllah  Al Khaira.