DRAW #14 – Results Of The Draw.

Draw Date 4.15.2023

Respected Molana Shekh Abdul Jalil conducted the Draw on Saturday April 15, 2023.  After reciting verses of the Holy Quran, he randomly selected  three winners, see names below. Each winner shall receive a Land Package including free Visa, 6 or 7 Nights Hotel, (3) Daily Meals, and Ground Transportation in Iraq for Ziyaraat of Holy Shrines in Iraq ( Total Value Not To Exceed $900).

Winner #1 – Entry #133 –  Shabbir Mir (TX)

Winner #2 – Entry #236 – Shehzadali Batliwala (MO)

Winner #3 – Entry #48 – Kumail Raza (PA)

Total Participants 51

Final List Of Participants For Draw #14

Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) – Member
Faizan Naqvi (MD) – Member
Sr. Samia Sikandar (MD)- Member
Kumail Raza (PA) – Student
Kumail Raza (PA)- Student
Asad Hussain (MD) – Member
Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) – Member
Sr. Hena Muhammad (MD)- Member
Sr. Zehra Rizvi (MD)- Student
Faaris Rizvi (MD)- Student
Zain Baqar (MD) – Member
Sr. Nargis S Khabir (MD) – Student
Sr. Salmah Zainab Khabir (MD) – Member
Sr. Maria Abbas (MD) – Member
Sr. Salmah Zainab Khabir (MD) – Member
Rosa A. Ghalalay (VA)
Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Student
Shawn Kirmani (MD) – Member
John Kirmani (MD) – Member
Sr. Qulsum Mir (TX) -Member
Shabbir Mir (TX) – Member
Kassim A. Manekia (CA) – Student
Hashmat Husain (MD) – Member
Mohammad A. Naqvi (MD) – Member
Sr. Binish Ali (MD) – Member
Askari Rizvi (MD) – Last Entry
Akbar Zaidi (VA) – Member
Fazal Abbas Mirza (MD) Student
Yasser Ghazaley (VA)
Fazal Abbas Mirza (MD) Student
Sr. Natasha Danish (PA)
Zaran A. Peerbhoy (CA) Student
Shehzadali Batliwala (MO)
Shehzadali Batliwala (MO)
Shujat Husain (MD)- Student
Sr. Sarah Jaffery (MD)
Yasser Ghazaley (VA)
Johnn Ghazaley (VA)
Sr. Amena Talajawala (MD) Student
Ali Zaidi (MD) – Student
Sr. Amina Zaidi (MD) – Student
Adam Zaidi (MD) – Student
Amin Shehata (MD)
Sr. Mariam Z. Jafri (MD)- Student
Sr. Sahar Zaidi (MD) Student
Jaffer Sikandar (MD) – Student
Jaffer Sikandar (MD) – Student
Qamber Sikandar (MD)- Student
Qamber Sikandar (MD)- Student
Aieman Zehra (FL) –Student
Aieman Zehra (FL) –Student