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Free Ziyaraat Program for Phase 2 is revised to increase Number Of Awards from 9 To 12 Per Year. Annual Membership for Members (age group of 19 to 39 yrs.) the Fee of $30 is waived and Quarterly Draws are implemented. New Members can Join FZP by paying a one time donation of $75.00 and participate in all Phase 2 Draws free provided they are in age group of 19-39 yrs. Any Jaferia Muslim, US Citizen or Green card holder who celebrated his/her 40th birthday more than 4 months prior to the date of any Draw, will be considered eligible for that Draw. All winners will each receive Land package of value not exceeding $900. Air Travel not provided.

Changes Effective January 1, 2023 For All Phase 2 Draws #13 to #25. Next Draw #13 is scheduled for end of January. Exact date will be announced in December, insha”allah.



No Of Draws
Entry Donation
New Members
 No of Draws increased from 3 to 4 per year.
(One Draw each Quarter)
3 Winners Per Draw shall be randomly selected by Molana-
Total Winners increased from 9 to 12 per year.
All Winners to Receive Land Package – Value $900 each,( Air travel not provided for Phase 2)
$25 Per Entry Number. Each Entry holder will participate free in three consecutive Draws, instead of two. One person can purchase no more than two entries.
Annual Membership Fee of $30 eliminated. All Members age 19-39 will now participate in all future Draws for free, until they win an award or reach 40th Birthday.
 New participants can join FZP by paying a one time donation of $75 to become a Member.
Note: Each participant is required to submit a confirmation of eligibility for Phase 2 Draws (#13 to #25). Those who have celebrated their 40th Birthdays are not eligible for Phase 2 Draws. ( Award Winners will be asked to submit a copy of first page of US Passport or Green Card for verification), Next Draw #13 will be opened at the end of January instead of in December. New Entries purchased after November 1 will be eligible for participation in  3 consecutive Draws.