Molana Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee conducted Draw #13 on Saturday, January 14, 2023.  After making Duas, he randomly selected three winners as follows:

Winner:  Member Entry #38 – Sr. Sabah Zaidi (VA)

Winner: Member Entry #3  – Mohammad Sabir (MD)

Winner:  Student Entry # 292 –  Syed Muhammad Raza Jafri  (MD)

Congratulation to all three winners.

Each Winner shall receive  Free Land Package including Visa + 6/7 Nights Hotel, Meals, and ground transportation in Iraq (total value not to exceed $900). A detailed list of  final participants for Draw #13 and Tentative List of participants for Draw #14 are published below.


DRAW #13 – Final List Of Participants



Member Or Entry #          Name Of Participants

       Please Read Notes Below.

Draw #13 –

C- Current and Eligible

Next  Draw #14

in April 2023, insha’Allah.

3 Mohammed Sabir (MD)- Member c Winner
20 Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) – Member c c
24 Faizan Naqvi (MD) – Member c c
38 Sr, Sabah Zaidi (VA) – Member c Winner
45 Sr. Samia Sikandar (MD)- Member c c
48 Kumail Raza (PA) – Student c c
48a Kumail Raza (PA)- Student c c
49 Asad Hussain (MD) – Member c c
50 Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) – Member c c
67 Zeeshan Rajan (MD)- Member c c
69 Sr. Hena Muhammad (MD)- Member c c
75 Zain Baqar (MD) – Member c c
91 Sr. Nargis S Khabir(MD) – Student c c
92 Minhas Sabir (TX)- Member c c
92 Sr. Maria Abbas (MD) – Member c c
93 Sr. Salmah Zainab Khabir (MD) – Member c c
113 Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Student c c
125 Shawn Kirmani (MD) – Member C C
126 John Kirmani (MD) – Member C C
130 Sr. Qulsum Mir (TX) -Member C C
133 Shabbir Mir (TX) – Member C C
170 Hashmat Husain (MD) – Member C C
172 Mohammad A. Naqvi (MD) – Member C C
180 Sr. Binish Ali (MD) – Member C C
187 Askari Rizvi (MD) – Last Entry C3 Please Join again
193 Akbar Zaidi (VA) – Member C C
194 Fazal Abbas Mirza (MD) Student C C
194a Fazal Abbas Mirza (MD) Student C C
231 Sr. Natasha Danish (PA) C C
232 Zaran A. Peerbhoy (CA) Student C C
236 Shujat Husain (MD)- Student C C
245 Sr. Amena Talajawala (MD) Student C C
286 Ali Zaidi (MD) – Student C C
287 Sr. Amina Zaidi (MD) – Student c c
288 Adam Zaidi (MD) – Student c c
289 Amin Shehata (MD) c c
291 Sr. Mariam Z. Jafri (MD)- Student c c
292 Syed Muhammad Jafry (MD)- Student c Winner
293 Sr. Sahar Zaidi (MD) Student c c
294 Jaffer Sikandar (MD) – Student c c
294b Jaffer Sikandar (MD) – Student c c
298 Qamber Sikandar (MD)- Student c c
298b Qamber Sikandar (MD) – Student c c
299 Aieman Zehra (FL) -Student c c
299b Aieman Zehra (FL) – Student c c
Notes: 1. One additional Entry”a” is added for each student who is waiting since Draw #7.

2. Those students waiting since Draw #8 will have one additional entry “b” in the next Draw #14.

3. Winners who have accepted awards are not eligible for future Phase 2 Draws.

4. All Winners wil be required to produce proof of eligibility for the Phase 2 Draw; Students will be required to produce a copy of College enrolment or latest transcript not older than 10.1. 2021. Participants Pleae notify any error or discrepancy by email to: [email protected]