List of Recent Graduates and

College Students (G&S)

(Holding Valid FZP Entries)

  1. Sr. Maniha Sabir (NJ)

  2. Nasib Manekia (CA)

  3. Mohammed Sabir (MD)

  4. Kumail Raza (PA)

  5. Hasan Peerbhoy (CA)

  6. Sr. Nasiha Manekia (CA)

  7. Minhas Sabir (TX)

If any prior Draw Winner would decline acceptance, the offer(s) shall be passed on first to Alternate winners  and if the Alternate winners decline the offers shall be passed on to the updated  List of Graduates and College/University Students for random selection.

Presently, one Draw#2 winner has declined acceptance. Therefore, date of selection of a new Winner  from the above List will be announced soon, insha’aAllah.  Any valid Entry holder who is either a Recent Graduate ( Graduated in 2017,2018,or 2019) or a College / University student (Full Time or Part Time), may ask to include his/her name in the above List by sending an email to [email protected]. Verification will be required at the time of  issuance of Award Certificate.