May we express our everlasting thanks to Allah for His Guidance and for granting us the love of His Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) and the devotion to his Sunnah!  Our gratitude is to Allah for making it possible to present this works to be of service to the Ummah.

This book comes in four sections, each is about a fascinating side of the Muslim heritage; be it Shi’i or Sunni.  The intention of this works is to give a concise but somewhat comprehensive account of the two sides. Briefly said this book comes in the following format:

Section # Chapter # Subject of chapters
Section #1 Chapter #1

Chapter #2

Chapter #3

Chapter #4

Schools of Thought

Treatise of the Madh’habs


An Overview of Hadith

Section #2 Chapter #5

Chapter #6

Chapter #7

Chapter #8

Chapter #9

Nahjul Balaaghah, General View

The Holy Quran Speaks about Ahlul Bayt

Muhammad Speaks about Ahlul Bayt

Nahjul Balaaghah Speaks about Ahlul Bayt


Section #3 Chapter #10 Holy Sanctuaries: Ka’ba, Masjid al-Nabawi, al-Masjid al-Aqsa, Shrines in Najaf, Karbala, Kadhimain, Samur’raa, Mash’had, Abu Hanifa, and Al-Gaylaani
Section #4 Chapter #11 Outstanding Women, Close to the Prophet’s Heart: Khadija, Fatima, Zainab, Umm Salama, A’isha, Hafsa, Maymuna, and Umm Habiba

Sources for each section are outlined in the beginning of each chapter.  References often are taken from the same sources.  The extensive references therefore have been taken directly from the painstaking works that this book depended upon.

We are very grateful to the authors of articles we quoted from the internet, especially  May Allah bless them and their families and we wish them the blessings and grace of the Almighty.

Dr. A. S. Hashim, MD