7.2 Dua’ For Merhumeen At The Holy Shrines


Assalam O Alaikum,

Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Rahim

Shia Youth Inc. makes a humble request to all beneficiaries of FZP project, that when they visit the Holy Shrines, please make this Dua’ – “May Al-mighty Allah, ba sadka e 14 Masumeen, shower His blessings upon all of the FZP donors, supporters and participants, and also bestow His mercy and blessings upon the following Merhoomeen; and kindly Pray to Allah to provide the Merhoomeen superior places in Jannah, Ameen”. After Dua’ and Prayer, please read the following names.

JazakAllah Al-Khair. Thanks a million.

No. Name No. Name
1 Merhooma Seema binte Ramzan Ali Sabir 2 Merhoom Masoom Ali Sabir ibne Abdul Husain
3 Merhooma Ameena Bai binte Masoom Ali Sabir 4 Merhooma Sherbanu Bai binte Qasim Ali
5 Merhoom Hasan Jawed Hussain 6 Merhoom Mohammed Yaqub
7 Merhooma Anis Fatima 8 Merhoom Riaz Mustafa
9 Merhooma Malka Riaz 10 Merhoom Mushtaq Ahmed Premjee
11 Merhoom Masoom Kara 12 Merhoom Rajab Ali Nathu Premjee
13 Merhooma Sugrabai Nurmohammed 14 Merhooma Zehra Banu Hemani
15 Merhoom Sabir Hussain Narsinh 16 Merhooma Shirin Banu Narsinh
17 Merhoom Ghulam Ali Fazal 18 Merhoom Rajabali Makkani
19 Merhooma Gulbanoo Bai Makkani 20 Merhooma Nargis Banu Binte Ghulam Ali
21 Merhooma Naseem Banu Binte Ghulam Ali 22 Merhoom Mir Khizar Husain ibne Mir Raza Ali
23 Merhooma Dilshad Begum binte Abbas Ali Baig 24 Merhoom Amir Ali Baig ibne Shaukat Ali Baig
25 Merhoom Ebrahim Kassamali 26 Merhoom Muhammadali Kassamali
27 Merhooma Sughra Haji Ismail 28 Merhooma Rabab Ramzanali
29 Merhoom Habib K. Manekia 30 Merhooma Shirin Bai Binte Jaferali
31 Merhooma Ruqaiya Bai Binte Jaferali 32 Merhooma Sabira Binte Habib Manekia
33 Merhoom Ghulam Ali ibne Masum Ali 34 Merhoom Ansar Husain ibne Masum Ali
35 Merhoom Ghulam Husein Alibhai Lakhani 36 Merhooma Sherbanoo Ghulam Husein
37 Merhoom Raza Husein Ghulam Husein 38 Merhooma Noorbanoo Raza Husein
39 Merhoom Ali Tajdar Haider ibne Ali Athar Naqvi 40 Merhooma SherBano Begum binte Shabihul Hasan
41 Merhooma Abida Begum binte Nazar Hussain Rizvi 42 Merhoom Wazir Hussain Rizvi ibne Willayat Hussain

Note: The above List includes Merhumeen of those eleven donors who have donated $1000 or more for Eisal e Sawab of Merhoomeen. JazakAllah Al Khaira.
For list of donors please see Category: Free Ziyaraat Plan, “Project Donation List”.

Shia Youth Inc.,15216 Rockport Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20905. JazakAllah

Thank you.
Shia Youth Team