Prophet Ayyub (pbuh) Lost All Wealth, Prosperity And Health But Never Gave Up Patience….

              Source: Holy Qur’an, Surah 38: 41-44, ( Mir Ahmed Ali’s Tafseer #2090-2094)

It is stated in Holy Qur’an (Surah38) that the Holy prophet (pbuh) was reminded of Prophet Ayyub (p)  (Biblical: Prophet Job) who was known for his extraordinary patience. He was son of Eves and son –in-law of Prophet Yusuf (p). His wife was called Rehmat or Rahima. Prophet Ayyub who was given abundance of wealth and issues was tested with the loss of every thing he possessed. At every kind of loss Prophet Ayyub only thanked God and remained patient. Lastly, he was tried with the sickness of his body with ulcers in it. Those who lacked faith in God suspected Ayyub to have committed some sin for which he has been subjected to the tormenting sufferings. Some other who were good at heart said that Ayyub as an apostle of God was made to manifest ideal patience.

One day Satan or Devil tried to make Ayyub lose his patience and create doubt that God is being unmerciful to him. Prophet Ayyub (p) prayed to God against Satan’s endeavor to disturb his faith in Him (God) and referred to people talking about his committed sin which had drawn the chastisement to him. While petitioning to God, Ayyub submitted: “ Lord! Did I ever sleep bellyful without feeding any hungry man. Did I not provide naked with clothes? Did I not pay the debt of the debtor when he was under the pressure of demand from the creditor? And was not Thou O Lord! Alwys merciful to me.”  A voice from heaven called him, saying “ Who was that who guided thee with the inclination to do all the good, which you did?”. Ayyub felt ashamed and immediately shouted, “Thee O’ Lord! It was Thee that didst guide me to do every thing good.”

Prophet Ayyub’s above prayer was not owing to any lack of patience on his part but against the continued effect and endeavor of  Satan to entice him through various methods and means. When Satan failed in every effort to make Ayyub impatient and force him to pray to God for his recovery and thus deprive him of being called a patient one in the way of the Lord. Satan thought of employing the services of his wife (Rahima) in leading astray Ayyub for his purpose. Once Satan appeared to Rahima in the form of an experienced physician and somehow convinced the lady if she takes the sheep which he (Satan) had with him and sacrifice it in her husband’s name,  after that,  Ayyub will immediately regain his health. The good hearted lady who was very much interested in her husband’s welfare came over to Prophet Ayyub and related to him the suggestion of the physician. Ayyub warned his wife stating not to get beguiled by the man for he was none but Satan.

After a few days, the Devil appeared as a beautiful young man riding a horse and said to Rahima, “ I am the monarch of the earth, and since thy husband worshiped not me but God, the King of Heaven, I caused loss of thy children and all thy wealth, and if thou prostrate before me once I shall grant thy husband his lost health and restore all his lost wealth to him”. The Godly lady said that she would consult her husband and act as he would bid her to do. The Devil said “If this is not possible I will be content if you make thy husband avoid mentioning “Bismillah” before he starts taking his food.I shall cause thy husband regain his health and wealth as before”. When the lady reported the matter to Prophet Ayyub, he got angry and said “thou hast been listening to Satan all the days. If God grants me my health, I shall strike a hundred sticks on thee.”  The poor lady departed sorrowful. Later on, when Ayyub was left alone and he could not himself stand up to pray, it is said that it was then that he prayed to God saying, ”Indeed affliction hath affected There is another version which in its nature is sure to affect any respectable one, that once there was no food for Prophet Ayyub, his wife went to fetch some thing for husband, the apostle of God. A man struck with the attractive curling locks of her head agreed to give the provision only in return for the locks. The poor lady could not avoid the condition and brought the food in exchange for the locks of her head. In those days, the custom was locks of the woman who commits a sin were removed. When Prophet Ayyub saw his wife losing the locks, he felt very much, expressing his anger he said if God grants his health back he would strike her a hundred sticks, and prayed to God (see verse 41, Surah 38). Prophet Ayyub (p) was tried and rewarded for his patience. God commanded him (verse 38:42) to strike at the rock and out of it gushed forth two springs, one of hot water for Ayyub to wash his body to get rid of all physical ailments, and the other of cold water for him to drink and refresh his soul. Ayyub did accordingly and his health was restored in full accordingly. He was once again a healthy fresh youth. Since Ayyub had taken an oath to punish his wife for listening to Satan, with a hundred stripes, he was commanded by God to strike her with a bundle of hundred sticks, just one time to fulfill the oath.