Assalam O Alykum,

Based on the following final list of 97 participants, Molana Mohammad Rizwani of Maryland conducted opening of Draw #6 on Sunday Octoner 25, 2020. Molana after performing Dua’s for donors, participants, and all Merhoomeen, randomly selected two Winners and two Alternate Winners. Results of the Draw are as follows:

Winner -1 :  Entry #019 – Minhas Sabir (TX)

Winner -2:  Entry #109 – Sr. Taliba (MD)

Alternate Winner -1: Entry # 074 – Syed Abbas Jafery (MD)

Alternate Winner -2: Entry # 184 -Aleena Mir (MD)

Congratulations to all winners and alternate winners.


Shia Youth Team

Final List of Participants for Draw #6.




Entry  #

Participants (  xx-Aalim and Pioneer Donors are excluded ), p Denotes availed promotion entry.

(Only Those Members who are current are included)

001 Member Molana Sakhawat Husain (NY) –xx
003 Member Mustafa Sabir (MD)
008 p Jawed Rizvi (MD)
010 Member Kassamali Lakhani (MD)
011 Member Altaf Lakhani (MD)
013 Member Ali Akbar Khoyee (MI)
014 Member Mohammad H. Rehmatulla (TX)
017 Member Sr. Atiqua Sabir (TX)
018 Member Irfan Sabir (TX)
019 Member Minhas Sabir (TX)
020 Member Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX)
021 p Jawed Rizvi (MD)
022 Member Syed Hedayat Rizvi (MD)
023 Member Sr. Uzra Khoyee (MI)
024 Member Faizan Naqvi (MD)
026 Member Abbas Lakhani (MD)
027 Member Sr. Mumtaz Lakhani (MD)
028 Member Sr. Zainab Khoyee (MI)
034 Member Raza Peerbhoy (CA)
035 Member Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy (CA)
036 Member Abid Khoyee (MI)
042 Member Molana Rafiq Naqvi (MD) -xx
043 Member Sr. Anjum Naqvi (MD) –xx
047 Member Sr Syeda Raza (PA)
048 Member Kumail Raza (PA) Student
049 Member Asad Hussain (NY)
050 Member Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY)
058 Member Ali Rizvi Sachay (MD)
067 p Zeeshan Rajan (MD)
068 Member Farzad Moosvi (MD)
071 Member Dr. Akhtar Naqvi (MD)
072 Member Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi (MD)
073 (Member) Syed Abbas Jafri
074 (Member) Syed Abbas Jafri
086 Member Syed Hedayat Rizvi
088 p Sr. Samana Rajan (MD)
089 p Sr. Shavia Rajan (MD)
090 p Jawed Rizvi (MD)
091 p Jawed Rizvi (MD)
096 Member Sr. Samena Sabir (MD)
100 Molana Sh. Abdul Jalil – xx
107 Member Munawwar Rajan (MD)
109 Member Sr. Taliba (MD)
110 Member Qamar Hasan (MD)
113 Member Hasan Peerbhoy (CA)
114 Member Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi (MD)
125 Member Syed Haider (FL)
126 Member Syed Haider (FL)
142 Member Sr. Huzoor Rizvi (MD)
146 p Azher Husain, dr (MD)
147 p Qamar Abidi (MD)
148 Sr. Salmah Zainab Khabir (MD)
150 Sr. Anamta Raza (PA) Student
157 p Sr. Naseem Hasan (MD)
159 Member Sr. Batool Manekia (TX)
163 Member Sr. Fatema Rashid (MD)
164 p Syed Abbas Jafri (MD)
165 p Syed Abbas Jafri (MD)
166 p Sr. Erum Salman ((MD)
168 p Sr. Erum Salman (MD)
169 p Sr. Erum Salman (MD)
170 p Sr. Erum Salman (MD)
171 Abbas Mirza (MD)
172 p Muhammad A. Naqvi (MD)
173 p Azher Khan (MD)
174 p Azher Khan (MD)
175 p Azher Khan (MD)
176 Sr. Feroz Abbas (MD)
177 p Azher Khan (MD)
178 p Sr. Rabab Ali (MD)
179 p Sr. Rabab Ali (MD)
180 Sr. Binish Ali (FL)
181 Sr. Binish Ali (FL)
182 Mustafa Ladha (MD)
184 Sr. Aleena Mir (MD)
185 Sr. Sukaina Mir (MD)
186 Sr. Munir Moosavi (MD)
187 Askari Rizvi (MD)
188 Askari Rizvi (MD)
189 Askari Rizvi (MD)
190 Askari Rizvi (MD)
191 Zain Baqar (MD)
192 Zain Baqar (MD)
193 Akbar Zaidi (MD)
194 Fazal Abbas Mirza (MD)
195 Sr. Shagufta Ali (MD)
196 Sr. Sabah Zaidi (MD)
197 Abbas Mirza (MD)
198 Tahir Ali (MD)
199 Sr. Abbasi Begum (MD)
202 Qamar Hasan (MD)
205 Sr. Sana Raza (VA)
207 Sr.Dilnaz Shah (CA)
208 Sr. Shaida Beklik (MD)
210 Sr. Shaida Beklik (MD)
211 Kazim Noor (MD)
213 Sr. Maria Abbas (MD)
220 Mustafa Sabir (MD)
245 Sr. Sana Raza (VA)
240 Mustafa Sabir (MD)
260 Sr. Samena Sabir (MD)
280 Sr. Samena Sabir (MD)
xx Molana Mohammad Rizwani (MD)