Shia Youth Inc. hereby makes following Announcement:

Molana (Sheikh Abdul Jalil) will conduct opening of Draw #8 on Sunday, April 25, 2021, insha’Allah.  One Winner and Two Alternate Winners will be selected to receive Ziyaraat Awards. The Winner shall receive the full package, whereas the Alternate Winner shall receive Land Package each.  Each Award winner shall have 18 months to complete the Ziyaraat to Iraq. For more details please review FZP Terms And Conditions by visiting the Homepage, and selecting Categort: Free Ziyaraat Plan.

The Draw Program is expected to be broadcast on Zoom. Any one interested to watch, please make a request for Meeting ID and PW, by email to: [email protected].

Last date to purchase Entry Numbers (or to make Membership Annual Donations of $30 per membership), will close on Thursday night, April 22, 2021. Payments can be made by Paypal, Zelle, or by Checks (Mailing address given below). Only those members who are current will be included in the Draw, see List below:


Shia Youth Inc.

15216 Rockport Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20905

Note: Any error or omission in the List, please notify by email to: [email protected]


Entry  #                      Members Membership

P: Promotion Free Entry.

Membership Membership
2021 2022 2023
1 Molana Dr. Sakhawat Husain (NY) Current Current Current
26 Member Abbas Lakhani
171 Member Abbas Mirza (MD) Current
36 Member Abid Khoyee (MI) Current
13 Member Ali Akbar Khoyee (MI) Current
79 Member Alireza Mukhi (MD)
58 Member Ali Rizvi Sachay (MD) Current
11 Member Altaf Lakhani (MD)
49 Member Asad Hussain (NY) Current
121 Member Asghar Kirmani (MD)
104 Member  Ashfaq Talajawala (MD)
129 Member Ashfaq Talajawala (MD)
71 Member Dr. Akhtar Naqvi (MD) Current
70 Member Erum Mirza (Wash DC)
24 Member Faizan Naqvi (MD)
68 Member Farzad Moosvi (MD) Current
176 Member Sr. Feroz Mirza (MD) Current
82 Member Habib Syed (Wash DC)
113 Member Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Current
14 Member Haji MH Rehmatullah (TX) Current
18 Member Irfan Sabir (TX) Current
123 Member Jon Kirmani MD)
75 Member Kaiser Saifuddin
48 Member Kumail Raza (PA) Current
19 Member Minhas Sabir (TX) – Prior Winner
131 Member Dr. Mir Basharath Razvi (MD)
107 Member Munawwar Rajan (MD)
3 Member Mustafa Sabir (MD) Current
119 Member Nasib Manekia (CA) Student
110 Member Qamar Hasan (MD)
34 Member Raza Peerbhoy (CA) Current
85 Member Shabib Syed (Wash DC)
30 Member Salman Jinnah (MD)
160 Member  Shahid Rizvi  (MD)-Prior Winner
124 Member Shawn Kirmani (MD)
136 Member Shoeb Mukhi (MD)
5 Member Sr. Abida Haji (TX) Current
159 Member Sr.Batool Manekia (TX) Current
64 Member Sr. Feroz Mirza (MD)- Prior Winner Current
61 Member  Sr. Gazala Rizvi (MD)-Prior Winner
20 Member Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) Current
102 Member Sr. Masumeh Shirazie
72 Member Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi (MD) Current
27 Member Sr. Mumtaz Lakhani (MD)
122 Member Sr. Nancy Kirmani (MD)
116 Member Sr. Safia Rizvi (MD) Current
103 Member Sr. Sakina Naqvi (MD)
148 Member Sr. Salmah Zainab Khabir (MD) Current
96 Member Sr. Samena Sabir (MD) Current
50 Member Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) Current
106 Member Sr. Shaheen Faraz (MD)
127 Member Sr. Shamoon Rizvi (MD)
80 Member Sr. Sheba Mukhi (MD)
31 Member Sr. Sayyeda Jinnah (MD)
47 Member Sr Syeda Raza (PA) Current
109 Member Sr. Taliba (MD) -Prior Winner
23 Member Sr. Uzra Khoyee (MI) Current
28 Member Sr. Zainab Khoyee (MI) Current
35 Member Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy (CA) Current
101 Member Syed Ali Shirazie (MD)
117 Member Syed Anwer Rizvi (MD)
125 Member Syed Haider (FL) Current
126 Member Syed Haider (FL)
22 Member Syed Hedayat Rizvi (MD) Current
142 Member Sr Huzoor Rizvi (MD) Current
114 Member Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi (MD) Current
100 Member Molana Sheikh Jalil (MD) Current Current Current
193 Member Akbar Zaidi (MD)
187 Member Askari Rizvi (MD)
173 Member Azhar Khan (MD)
194 Member Fazal Abbas Mirza (MD) Current
168 Member Hashmat Husain (MD)
8 Member Jawed Rizvi (MD)
141Member Jehangir Ali (MD)
211Member Kazim Noor (MD)
172- Member Mohammad A. Naqvi (MD) Current
186-Member Munir Moosvi (MD)
182- Member Mustafa Ladha (MD)
147- Member Qamar Abidi (MD)
53-Member Rafiq Panna (MD)
205-Member Sana Raza (VA)
136-Member Shoeb Mukhi (MD)
210-Member Sr Shaida Beklik (MD)
199-Member Sr. Abbasi Begum (MD)
184-Member Sr. Aleena Mir (MD) – Prior Winner
150-Member Sr. Anamta Raza (MD)
180-Member Sr. Binish Ali (MD)
166-Member Sr. Erum Salman (MD)
213-Member Sr. Maria Abbas (MD)
157-Member Sr. Naseem Hasan (MD)
178 -Member Sr. Rabab Al (MD)i
215-Member Sr. Rida Merchant (MD) Current Current
196-Member Sr. Sabah Zaidi (MD)
290 Member Sr. Samia Sikander (MD) Current
88-Member Sr. Samana Rajan (MD)
195-Member Sr. Shagufta Ali (MD) -Prior Winner
208-Member Sr. Shaida Beklik (MD)
89-Member Sr. Shavia Rajan (md)
185-Member Sr. Sukaina Mir (TX)
109-Member Sr. Taliba (MD)- Prior Winner
59-Member Sultan Noorani (MD)
156-Member Syed Husaain (MD)
152-Member Syed Zaidi (MD)
198-Member Tahir Ali (MD)
144-Member Zain Baqar(MD)
67-Member Zeeshan Rajan (MD)
149-Member Ziley Naqvi (MD)
296-Member Abbas Merchant (NY) Current
297-Member Mehdi Haider(MA) Current
298-Member Qamber Sikander (MD) Current
295 Member Jaffer Sikander (MD) Current
299-Member Aieman Zehra (MD) Current
200 Ali Syed (MD) P
201 Ali Syed (MD) P
203 Ali Syed (MD) P
204 Ali Syed (MD) P
212 Sr. Nooreen Zaidi (MD) P
214 Sr. Nooreen Zaidi (MD) P
215 Sr. Rida Merchant (NY) P
222 Sr.Rida Merchant (NY) P
241 Sr. Erum Merchant (NY) P