Shia Youth Inc. Offers Free Student Memberships

Ziyarat through its blessings and divine impact brings miraculous changes in our lives , especially that of our youth, and guides them to the path of Serat e Mustaqim, Al-Humdolillah.  Kindly forward the following emails to friends and families who may have college or University going students. There are no strings attached. The project is supported by thirteen generous donors who have each donated $1000 or more in any year, JazakAllah. Please cooperate and support us to make this project to grow still bigger. Thank you.

 Shia Youth Social Services, Inc. of Maryland (popularly known as Shia Youth Inc.) have been operating a Free Ziyaraat Plan (FZP) project for the last three years. Every year through random selection by a Molana, they assist 9 Zayereen to visit Iraq to perform Ziyaraat of the Holy Shrines. 
To participate in the program, Participants either become member of the FZP or purchase Entry numbers by giving a donation of $25 per number.

Each Entry number is eligible and valid for two consecutive Draws. More detailed info is provided in the website: (Select Home Page, Sel Free Ziyaraat Plan). Alhumdolillah, the project has been moving along very successfully, for which credit most importantly goes to our 14 generous donors, JazakAllah.

Bismillah Hir Rehamanir Rahim.




Two donors have generously donated prepaid Free Ziyaraat Plan Membership for ( 50) Jaferia students, to participate free of any charge, in Draw #8, #9, and #10 during the current year (2021), JazakAllah.
Jaferia students (Part Time or Full Time), male or female, age 19 through 29, U.S. Citizens or Green Card Holders are eligible to participate, on first come first serve basis.
 Interested students, may apply stating first name, last name, age, address, phone number, and name of college or University they are currently enrolled, by email to:  [email protected]


Exact Date will be announced 30 days prior.
3 Awards
1 Winner + 2 Alt Winner
 Exact Date announced 30 days prior.
         3 Awards
1 Winner + 2 Alt Winner
DRAW #10
Exact Date will be announced 30 days prior.
3 Awards
1 Winner + 2 Alt Winner

Molana will randomly select the Winners and Alternate Winners.

Winners shall receive free  R.T. Air (US to Iraq), Visa, 6-7 Night Hotel, Meals, and Ground Transportation, Value $2,200 .

Alt. Winners shall receive all the same except the R.T. Air Travel, Value $900.

For more FZP info. Please visit website:

 Note: See Below for a List of Lucky Winners.


Draw No.


Alt. Winner

Alt. Winner


Aliraza Mukhi (MD)

Mustafa Sabir (MD)

Sr. Syeda Raza (PA)


Farzad Moosvi (MD)

Afsar Peerbhoy (CA)

Syed Ali Shirazee (MD)


Shawn Kirmani (MD)

Asad Hussain (NY)

Shahid Rizvi (MD)


Sr.Shehnaz Rajan (MD)

Nasib Manekia (CA)

Sr. Gazala Rizvi (MD)


Syed Zaidi (MD)

Shahid Rizvi (MD)

Sr.Rukhsana Sabir (TX)


Sr. Talibah (MD)

Minhas Sabir (TX)

Abbas Jaferi (MD)

Sr.Aleena Mir (MD)


Sr. Feroz Abbas (MD)

SrShagufta Ali (MD)

Sr. D. Shah (CA)

Shia Youth HumblyRequests All  Mo’mineen And Mo’minaat To Kindly Support The Free Ziyaraat Plan By either Giving Generous Donations or/And Becoming Members or Purchasin Entry numbers @$25 per number, JazakAllah. 

Type of Membership: Membership Donation: Donation in Each Subsequent Year:
New Annual Members

(Single Membership). 


Donate  $75 ($45+$30) in the first year, (2021)

(Pay by Paypal, Zelle, or by Checks mailed to:  Shia Youth Inc. 15216 Rockport Drive,  Silver Spring,  MD 20905.


Student Members


Pay $30 in the first year, (2021) $30
Existing Annual Members 

(At present 80 Members), 


All Members are requested to pay a donations of $30 for the year 2021, to be eligible to participate in Draw #8, #9 and #10, scheduled for  2021, insha’Allah.    $30
Note: Another way to become Members, participate with 2 Entries in  Draw  #8,  #9, or #10  which will provide you two consecutive participation and automatically make you New Member on 12/31/2021.

Benefits of Membership:

Members or Student Members (who are current) will automatically be included in all three Draws of the year. Also, the Members will earn perpetually the Sawab e Jariya by enabling others to perform the Ziyaraat. For details, please visit the Free Ziyaraat Plan page.


Shia Youth Inc. is a non profit organization having tax exempt status under IRS Section 501 3 (c). Additionally, His Eminence Syed Ali Sistani’s Office in USA has approved KHUMS Ijazah thus authorizing Shia Youth Inc. to collect KHUMS and provide authentic Marjiia receipts to the Khums donors. Shia Youth Inc. accepts all donations via PayPal (Friends &Family), Zelle, Bank transfers or by Checks mailed to:
Shia Youth Inc., 15216 Rockport Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20905