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United Nations Comments on Nahjul Balagha

Un Secretariat, the Committee on Human Rights in New York under  the chairmanship of the Secretary General Kofi Annan issued, in 2002 AD the historic resolution.

“The Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib is considered the fairest governor who appeared during human history (After Prophet Muhammad)” UN declaration was based on document of 160 pages in English.

ISLAM’s Worldwide Growth

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It is mostly due to a rising number of converts. In 2006, the research data reveal that countries with a Muslim majority had an average population growth rate of 1.8% per year. This compares with a world population growth rate of 1.1% per year. As of 2011, it is predicted that the world’s Muslim population will grow twice as fast as non-Muslims over the next 20 years.

The Tragic Events of KARBALA:

The tragic events of Karbala that occurred 14 centuries ago, reflect a collision of  good versus evil, the virtuous versus the vicious, the collision of two leaders,Imam Husain (the head of virtue) versus Yazid (the head of vice). Husain was a righteous man, the religious authority, and the Imam of Muslim Ummah (the followers). As the representative of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Imam Husain’s main concern was to safeguard and protect Islam, and guide the fellow Muslims.