December 10, 2019                                                                Shia Youth Social Services, Inc.

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  Shia Youth Inc. Introduces Annual Membership Plan For Free Ziyaraat Plan (FZP)’s Pioneer Participants


  1. Shia Youth Inc. is extremely thankful to all of the FZP’s Draw #1,2,and 3 participants. These participants are considered very important as well as Pioneer Participants (PP). The FZP project has recently achieved tremendous progress. The credit for this achievement goes to donors for their generous donations, and the Pioneer participants for their valued support, JazakAllah. In order to serve better, Shia Youth is introducing a new Annual Membership Plan (AMP) effective January 1, 2020, with membership intended only for the Pioneer participants. All Draw #1, 2, and 3 participants have been automatically included as members in the Annual Membership Plan. Each AMP member whose membership is current shall be eligible to participate in all three Draws of the year.
  2. The AMP members will pay a minimum annual donation of $30 per membership account at the beginning of each calendar year. Payment can be made through website as an additional donation, by PayPal (Friends & Family), Zelle, Bank transfer, or by check payable to Shia Youth Inc. Each member will be allowed one additional membership account for family member upon payment of additional membership. As soon as a goal of total membership of 300 members is reached, the new membership will either be limited or closed altogether.
  3. The current FZP Entry Plan providing participation @$25 per Entry will continue to operate in 2020 (along with the current promotion of participation in two consecutive Draws by each Entry holder). Participants who purchased Entries for Draws #4, #5 or/and #6, upon completion of their participation in future Draws, will be eligible to join the AMP at the end of Year 2020 provided AMP member limit of 300 is not exceeded.

Shia Youth Inc. humbly requests all donors and participants to kindly continue to provide their generous donations and support for FZP project in the next year. To add on, Shia Youth Inc. has recently received “IJAZAH” (a religious authorization to collect Khums) from the office of his Eminence Grand Ayatullah Ali Sistani. Any one who would like to give donation for this noble cause, or pay Khums, that will be a significant help to Shia Youth Inc. in achieving further progress. Authentic receipts for the donations or/and Khums will be provided to payers promptly.

A list of Annual Membership Plan members will be posted to the website ( and circulated soon insha’Allah. Any question, please email to: [email protected]. Wishing all donors, participant and volunteer staff a very happy holiday season.



Shia Youth Team