Super Bowl 53 -Time and Where to watch……

Super Bowl 53

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History of Patriots

For those of you not in the Northeast who watched Rex Burkhead rumble in for a game-winning and Super Bowl-berth-clinching touchdown, I’m sure the first words out of your mouth — that we could print — were: “Go Rams.”

I get that. Rooting against the Patriots has become a knee-jerk NFL reaction. We all want to see underdog teams take down The Evil Empire™ and wipe the smile off Tom Brady’s face, and to see a genius like Bill Belichick proven wrong.

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History of NE Patriots Football Team

The history of the New England Patriots began when Boston business executive William “Billy” Sullivan and Sullivan Brother Printers, owned by Joseph Sullivan, were awarded the eighth and final franchise of the developing American Football League (AFL) on November 16, 1959. The following winter, locals submitted thousands of ideas for the Boston football team’s official name. On February 20, 1960, Sullivan chose “Boston Patriots”, with “Patriots” referring to those colonists of the Thirteen Colonies who rebelled against British control during the American Revolution and in July 1776 declared the United States of America an independent nation.

“Patriots” as a nickname had been suggested by 74 fans, among them Larry Kepnes. Immediately thereafter, artist Phil Bissell developed the “Pat Patriot” logo.

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History of LA Rams Football Team

The Los Angeles Rams are a professional American football team in Los Angeles, California. Originally known as the Cleveland Rams, and then later as the St. Louis Rams, they are currently in the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

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Clemson Announces Its Arrival as the Program of College Football’s Present and Future

What began with a prank call ended with a Wet Willie.

After losing to Alabama in last season’s College Football Playoff semifinal Clemson had a talented roster returning in 2018, but the Tigers’ national title dreams really began to crystallize last January, when defensive tackle Christian Wilkins called coach Dabo Swinney. A star who was sure to be coveted by several teams in the NFL draft, Wilkins gushed over his time at Clemson. Wilkins strung out his praise Read more

Basic Investment Guidelines

1. Every investment will end up with either gain or loss of capital invested. The degree of gain or loss are directly proportional to the degree of risk chosen. Higher risk investments may result in higher gains or higher losses, and lesser risk investments may bring lesser gains or lesser losses. If you have no […]

Future Super Bowl locations: Host cities, stadiums for Super Bowl 2019 and Beyond

When the NFL considers sites for future Super Bowl locations, many requirements must be met by potential cities, their venues and their accommodations. Stadium quality is among the priorities, which is why all of the next four Super Bowls will be played in new or recently renovated stadiums.

That’s why Minnesota was awarded Super Bowl 52 in 2018, after all. With weather also being a factor when the NFL considers future Super Bowl locations, brand-new and climate-controlled U.S. Bank Stadium was the reason “Bold North” was possible. The league wanted to show off the impressive stadium during America’s most-watched sporting event. Read more