FZP List of Recent Graduates & College Students (See Inserts / Messages)

List of Recent Graduates and

College Students (G&S)

(Holding Valid FZP Entries)

  1. Sr. Maniha Sabir (NJ)

  2. Nasib Manekia (CA)

  3. Mohammed Sabir (MD)

  4. Kumail Raza (PA)

  5. Hasan Peerbhoy (CA)

  6. Sr. Nasiha Manekia (CA)

  7. Minhas Sabir (TX)

If any prior Draw Winner would decline acceptance, the offer(s) shall be passed on first to Alternate winners  and if the Alternate winners decline the offers shall be passed on to the updated  List of Graduates and College/University Students for random selection.

Presently, one Draw#2 winner has declined acceptance. Therefore, date of selection of a new Winner  from the above List will be announced soon, insha’aAllah.  Any valid Entry holder who is either a Recent Graduate ( Graduated in 2017,2018,or 2019) or a College / University student (Full Time or Part Time), may ask to include his/her name in the above List by sending an email to [email protected]. Verification will be required at the time of  issuance of Award Certificate.

Results of Draw #3

Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim



SATURDAY AUG. 17, 2019

By: Molana Sheikh A. Jalil

Advisor, Shia Youth Inc.

Participants: 64 Entries

Draw #4  To be held in November insha’Allah.

Results: Winner  Entry#124 – Br. Shawn Kirmani

Alt Winner#1 Entry #60 – Br. Shahid Rizvi

Alt Winner #2 Entry #49 – Br. Asad Hussain (NY)



List of  (64) Participants  For Draw #3

1x Molana Dr. Sakhawat Husain 105 Mehboob Husain List of


2 Hasan Zaidi 106 Sr. Shaheen Faraz Entry #3
3 Mohammed Sabir (MD) Student 107 Munaawarali Rajan Entry #20
10 Kassamali Lakhani 108 Sr. Shehnaz Rajan Entry #48
11 Altaf Lakhani 109 Sr. Taliba Entry #111
12 Hyderali Lakhani 110 Qamar Hasan Entry #119
13 Ali Akbar Khoyee (MI) 111 Sr. Nasiha Manekia (CA) Student Entry #19
16 Turab Sabir (TX) 112 Mehboob Husain
17 Sr. Atiqua Sabir (TX) 113 Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Student
18 Irfan Sabir (TX) 114 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
19 Minhas Sabir (TX) Student 115 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
20 Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) Student 116 Sr. Safia Rizvi
24 Faizan Naqvi 117 Syed Anwar Rizvi
25 Sr. Rukhsana Sabir (TX) 118 Syed Anwar Rizvi
28 Sr. Zainab Khoyee (MI) 119 Nasib Manekia (CA) Student
34 Raza Peerbhoy (CA) 121 Asghar Kirmani
35 Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy (CA) 122 Sr. Nancy Kirmani
47 Sr. Syeda Raza (PA) 123 Jon Kirmani
48 Kumail Raza (PA) Student 124 Shawn Kirmani
49 Asad Hussain (NY) 125 Sr. Syeda Sydrah Naqvi
50 Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) 126 Syed Haider (FL)
58 Ali Rizvi Sachey 127 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
60 Shahid Rizvi 128 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
61 Sr. Gazala Rizvi 129 Ashfaq Talajawala
62 Shahid Rizvi 130 Mir Basharath Razvi
65 Gazala Rizvi 131 Mir Basharath Razvi
68x Winner Draw#2 Not Eligible 132 Sr. Zahra Razvi
71 Dr. Akhtar Naqvi 133 Sr. Zahra Razvi
72 Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi 134 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
80 Sr. Sheba Mukhi 135 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
100 Molana Sheikh Jalil 137 Sr. Aiman Zehra
101x Winner Draw#2 Not Eligible 138 Khalid Rizvi
102 Sr. Masumah Shirazee 139 Khalid Rizvi
103 Sr.Sakina Naqvi 140x Jaleel Hasan (Pending)
104 Ashfaq Talajawala
Student- Any student who is enrolled in college or University as of 1.1.2019
If a Winner declines acceptance, offers are passed on to students.

Since one of the winners of Draw#2 did not accept the award, the offer will now be passed on to the Students as per the List given above. Selection of Student winner will be made on Sept 1, 2019.

List Of Participants Draw#3 (Tentative)

List of Participants Draw#3 8.12.19 (Tentative)

                       List of Participants For Draw #3 List of Students
1 Molana Dr. Sakhawat Husain 80 Sr. Sheba Mukhi Entry #3
2 Hasan Zaidi 101 Winner Draw#2 Not Eligible Entry#20
3 Mohammed Sabir (MD) Student 102 Sr. Masumah Shirazee Entry# 48
10 Kassamali Lakhani 103 Sr.Sakina Naqvi Entry#111
11 Altaf Lakhani 105 Mehboob Husain Entry#113
12 Hyderali Lakhani 110 Qamar Hasan Entry #119
13 Ali Akbar Khoyee (MI) 111 Sr. Nasiha Manekia (CA) Student Entry #19
16 Turab Sabir (TX) 112 Mehboob Husain
17 Sr. Atiqua Sabir (TX) 114 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
18 Irfan Sabir (TX) 115 Syed Zulfiqar Rizvi
19 Minhas Sabir (TX) Student 116 Sr. Safia Rizvi
20 Sr. Maniha Sabir (TX) Student 121 Asghar Kirmani
24 Faizan Naqvi 122 Sr. Nancy Kirmani
25 Sr. Rukhsana Sabir (TX) 123 Jon Kirmani
28 Sr. Zainab Khoyee (MI) 124 Shawn Kirmani
34 Raza Peerbhoy (CA) 100 Molana Sheikh Jalil
35 Sr. Zehra Peerbhoy (CA) 113 Hasan Peerbhoy (CA) Student
47 Sr. Syeda Raza (PA) 117 Syed Anwar Rizvi
48 Kumail Raza (PA) Student 118 Syed Anwar Rizvi
49 Asad Hussain (NY) 127 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
50 Sr. Sehar Sabir (NY) 128 Sr. Shamoon Rizvi
58 Ali Rizvi Sachey 134 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
60 Shahid Rizvi 135 Sr. Salmah Rizvi
61 Sr. Gazala Rizvi 138 Khalid Rizvi
62 Shahid Rizvi 139 Khalid Rizvi
65 Gazala Rizvi 137 Sr. Aiman Zehra
68 Winner Draw#2 140 Jaleel Hasan (Pending)
71 Dr. Akhtar Naqvi 109 Sr. Taliba
72 Sr. Midhat Zehra Naqvi 132 sr. Zahra Razvi
104 Ashfaq Talajawala 108 Sr. Shehnaz Rajan
106 Sr. Shaheen Faraz 131 Mir Basharath Razvi
119 Nasib Manekia (CA) Student 129 Ashfaq Talajawala
125 Sr. Syeda Sydrah Naqvi 130 Mir Basharath Razvi
126 Syed Haider (FL) 133 Sr. Zahra Razvi
107 Munawarali Rajan
Student – One who is enrolled as a Student in any College as of 1.1.2019. If any winner declines acceptance, the offers will be passed on to Students randomly.